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Terra Lynn Photography | Sarasota, Florida Lifestyle Boutique High School Senior Photographer


As we all know, local businesses are a huge part of every community.
Without them,
where would we be?


Our Mission:  To support local businesses, through collaboration with our VIP Junior/Senior Team, in creating visual content for use on social media platforms, generating cross promotion for all involved at zero cost to the owner. 



Everywhere I have traveled, I am drawn to local businesses, as they are the heart, sound and sole of the towns. 

I wear a business marketing consultant hat on all of the time, so I naturally have countless volunteer hours to go with it. 

Now settled in Sarasota, here in lies the creation of our VIP Team.  It is a merge of my two passions, high school senior photography and business consulting. 

Essentially, the core foundation of this project is to create social media marketing content for local Mom & Pop shops, through collaboration with our high school Junior/Senior VIP Team, in which I will guide and direct. 




How does this work, you say? 


1. Well, it starts with recruiting up and coming junior and senior students who want a few things:  photos, media content and service hours.


2. While this is happening, we'll ask interested owners to provide a summary of their business and why working with the team would help them out.

Submit your interest through this form:  Business Collaboration Form


3. Once the team is assembled, we will have a meeting to select a business the group would like to work with first.  We will be looking at the business's current media presence, jotting down ideas and creating storyboards, from their perspective.

The goal is to have multiple stylized shoots throughout the year.  Note:  this is all dependent on the availability of the team and the flexibility of the owner, but ideally, this will be many! 


4. I will then schedule a time to meet with the owner and provide the ideas put forth by the Team.  If any VIP members are available, we gladly encourage them to be present with us to represent.

Note:  this may involve coming to the shop after hours, or when it is best for the owner.


5. Once the concept is confirmed, I will coordinate with the Team and the owner to set a date/time, determining the logistics and coordinating any last minute items. 


6. The stylized shoot will then take place.  This is usually a 1-2 hour event, ensuring we are capturing the ideas, bringing them to life on digital media. 


7. After the shoot, I will go through all of the images, selecting a final few, editing and getting ready for media release.

This is where any business involved in the event (could involve a few, possibly, such as hair/makeup artist, etc) will have their logo branded on the images.


8. Once ready, images will be posted to media, with any involved businesses being tagged on the image and in the posted text to encourage cross-promotions.

Note:  the images may be drawn across several releases, as to provide each image time in the limelight.  


They will be available as web size files, for use on social media only.  If any of the businesses involved would like to use of them for their website or other marketing promotions, we're available to discuss their needs further after the photoshoot. 


If you have any questions, please feel free to email, using the Contact form or give me a call.

If you are ready, then complete the form so we are able to add you to the list of opportunities:

Business Collaboration Form