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Terra Lynn Photography | Sarasota, Florida Lifestyle Boutique High School Senior Photographer

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Experience a boutique-style senior portrait session, like no other!  From start to finish, you will encounter a top-notch, one-of-a-kind, exclusive experience. 

We bring years of senior photography knowledge and accolades straight from America to New Zealand and back!  

Each session is completely customized to you.  This is the very time to tell your life's manuscript.  You are unique and we capture your story in an editorial style experience. 

The session is super fun, relaxing and most of the time funny, as we enjoy laughs together to capture that perfect natural smile...

We highly encourage a parent to enjoy the session with you...they are key to looking for those pesky hair strands blowing in the wind and to hold lighting equipment to get your perfect look!

Book your session early, as there are limited spots available each month due to our specialized, dedicated time to our clients. Every client becomes family and we look forward to you joining ours, too.  

Terra Lynn Photography - Sarasota Senior Photographer - text_TerraLynnPhoto_Sarasota__MG_32021.jpg Terra Lynn Photography - Sarasota Senior Photographer - text_Screen-Shot-2016-04-02-at-12.08.22-pm-400x400.jpg Terra Lynn Photography - Sarasota Senior Photographer - text_Destination_Anywhere1.jpg


Destination Anywhere

Add your Senior Session onto a one-on-one (parent/teen) or family trip anywhere! 

Tropical styles on a Polynesian Island, sailing views of the Great Barrier Reef, across the pond to Europe...

...or peaceful Kauri forests in the North to beautiful snowy slopes on the Southern Alps of New Zealand, where we know the landscape personally.

The ideas are endless and we'll capture your family moments, along with your senior's session!

These sessions are limited and become a priceless experience of a lifetime. 

(one to three days)

~ travel expenses


Destination Florida

Pick the perfect area of Florida to show off who you are! How about Orlando, Miami, or even the Florida Keys for a Cuban flare...you name it! Let's go!

(up to five hours)

~ 675


PLUS+ Destination Sarasota County ~  ** MOST POPULAR **

The PLUS is for the addition of an on-location make-up AND hair stylist... Yes, you heard that right! 

You will not only have the addition of a hair stylist, but they will both be with you throughout the entire session!!  This will ensure your hair and make-up won't go running or flat due to the Florida humidity!  Now that is worth it's weight in GOLD!

If you are planning on visiting Sarasota or live in the area, then come utilize the Sarasota downtown urban area, the country farms, parks with spanish moss or the beach, think Siesta Key locations and more! 

If you are local, let's go local with small businesses, too!  Think the small bookstore on the corner or the game shop you're cozy with. Maybe your favorite coffee shop or kumbucha bar, the high school gym or sports field.

We are open to collaborating with small business owners and school administrations to capture your world, and we're excited to do so!

(up to two hours, with possible bonus time to get that last shot :)

~ 425


Destination Sarasota County

This includes everything you see in the WHATS INCLUDED section below.

(up to two hours)

~ 275


Interested in our VIP Senior TEAM?  Reach out to see if there are available openings (if booking after May 31st).  It is only an additional $50 to be a part of something SO amazing and to join our Super Secret Team Road Trip Adventure (SSTRTA for short!  Ha ha ha!) for a little MORE team and confidence building!!!

For all of the details, go to our VIP TEAM here!



Ready to... 

Book a Portrait Session?

Or would like a call first from Terra?




consultation, in person or over the phone, to discuss all about the session, including urban, beach & country...oh, my!

a fun questionnaire, to tell me all about YOU! This is the foundation to create your perfect session.  We take extra care to get to know you and the best way to bring that out in your images. 

for sports:  coordinating with coaches to access fields and courts is the first step.

receive a Style Guide with do's and don'ts to prepare for the day.

a pre-session wardrobe consultation, to help you coordinate your perfect clothing and accessories.  Oh, and don't worry about the number of changes, we don't limit those, so bring everything!  Just in case :) 

professional make-up artist to naturally enhance your beautiful highlights in a subtle way.  If outside the Sarasota or Manatee County areas, this may incur additional charges. We will make every attempt to network with a make-up artist in the selected area.

designated time, on-location session to capture who you really are. Locations are determined by the complexity of the shoot and distance from each.  The average is 2 locations.

custom high level edits, enhancements and filtering any of those blinking eyes ;)

sneak peek within 48 hours via text or social media.

private Gallery Premiere, to view all of your five-star photographs!  We'll help assist you in discovering the best ways to get the most out of these amazing images.

detailed professionally edited images to reduce any blemishes, hair strands or anything else that will make the photo sing!

and little surprises along the way... 

parents...watch as your senior grows right before your eyes through this unique and unforgetable experience from beginning to end!  They are only a high school senior once, so why not capture this milestone in the best way possible...with US!


"I’m still speechless over your amazing eye and photography skills today.  All the locations you chose were just perfect.  Thank you.!!!!!  For all the special touches, time and energy you put into this ♥"

~ CHRISTI, Garrett's mother.





Ready to... 

Book a Portrait Session?

Or Book a Call first from Terra?

Terra Lynn Photography - Sarasota Senior Photographer - text_TerraLynnPhoto_Cara_IMG_2822-Edit_1200x800.jpg


Senior portraits are MORE than just pictures.  They capture who YOU are in this moment, but also a way for parents to celebrate raising you, for a job well done. 

This is a moment absolutely worth sharing through tangible prints, rather than getting lost in the social media noise, never to really be found again.  Part of my 'after the session' time will be working with you and your parents on which images would be best displayed through gift prints, wall art and albums.

I do this, because I would not want to leave you with media on a drive, never to be seen or cherished again.  I say this from my own experience.  It is worth investing in the beautiful, high quality products, to celebrate your senior year!


We offer a limited number of sessions per year, as we create and capture a true, special moment, when it is most needed.  We also believe each senior and their family deserves the attention and care during this cherished, crazy time in life, offering our support when you least expect it...

♥ ♥ ♥  We are your family and that is what families do ♥ ♥ ♥

We are the definition of a boutique service:  "a specialized and exclusive service that offers a unique and personalized experience. It is often characterized by a high level of expertise, attention to detail, and a focus on providing a tailored solution to meet the specific needs of the client."

This is us, through and through.


All heirloom albums include digital images.

Prints, wall art, albums and all things you need to show off your senior 

  Payment options are available.


♥ We want to invest even more time with you, to say thank you, as we offer a family or graduation cap & gown mini-session at the end of the graduating year, as a BONUS for supporting us. 


"Terra is such an awesome photographer and just a wonderful person.  Her senior photos of my daughter are all over my house.  She really does do great work and is a perfectionist.  I would highly recommend her." ~ VALERIE, Kayla's mother.






Testimonials - See what our clients have to say

Behind the Scenes  - or what a session looks like  

F.A.Q.s - or maybe you have more questions?  


Book a Portrait Session - are you ready?

Or would like a call from Terra first?


Oh wait!  Have you heard about our VIP Junior/Senior Team??!?

Check it out here!  VIP Team

Terra Lynn Photography - Sarasota Senior Photographer - text_TerraLynnPhoto_Queensberry_IMG_3243_words.jpg Terra Lynn Photography - Sarasota Senior Photographer - text_TerraLynnPhoto_Queensberry_IMG_3254-words.jpg


We offer different types of products to show off your style!

Our handcrafted, heirloom albums come from an internationally recognized and sought after album company, Queensberry, located in New Zealand. 

The albums are made by hand in their print shop, from start to finish, so you are guaranteed a caring touch with every turn of the page.


*** We take pride in knowing all of our luxury heirloom albums, fine art gallery portraits and gift prints are sourced and made by American or New Zealand businesses. 

This guarantees our product is of the utmost durability and highest quality. ***



Signature fine art portraits, 11"x14" or larger, are mounted using thick masonite, to create a durable print.

Optional matting is available.


Vibrant Acrylic Fine Artisan

A bold, modern look. Printed directly to acrylic substrate, allowing your images to stand out with vibrant color and sharp detail.


Brushed Aluminum Fine Artisan

An edgy, urban style. Printed on the surface of brushed aluminum, mounted to a split batten.

Terra Lynn Photography - Sarasota Senior Photographer - text_TerraLynnPhoto_Queensberry_IMG_3228-words.jpg Terra Lynn Photography - Sarasota Senior Photographer - text_TerraLynnPhoto_Queensberry_IMG_3236_words.jpg


Gift prints are images 8x10 or smaller, which are typically given to family and friends as gifts.

Each print is mounted to a matboard, to ensure no warping or folds to the photographic print.  This also slips nicely into an off-the-shelf or custom frame.


Custom designed graduation announcements, coffee table albums, accordion mini books...and more!





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