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Terra Lynn Photography | Sarasota, Florida Lifestyle Boutique High School Senior Photographer


Pre-Session F.A.Q.s


How do I receive more information before I book a session?  Please use the Contact form on this website to complete a short questionnaire and I'll respond back within 48 hours to any questions you might have, which are not covered on the website or may be hidden by chance.


When do I need to book the session?  The earlier the better! Ideally, it would be suggested to book at least two weeks in advance, so you have time to look over the the magazine guides and have your wardrobe consultation.  Also, we get booked pretty quickly, so to get your ideal date, it is recommended to secure this a month or two ahead of time.


Where will the photos be taken?  What kind of backgrounds will there be? We'll work together to find a location that represents YOU.  You'll receive a questionnaire just after securing your session date.  This will help me select a location which is perfect for only you.  The backgrounds all depend on what we come up with.  It could be the ocean and sand, forest and lakes, farms and fields, downtown areas or sports grounds.  We'll work to find the background which is you.


Are we able to choose a location?  Absolutely!  If you have something in mind, let's do it!


What should I wear?  Well, this all depends on the look you are going for.  I'll be sending you a link to our 'What to Wear' and the 'Do's and Don'ts' magazines to give you an idea.  Also, we'll have a wardrobe consultation about a week prior to your scheduled date.  To give you an idea, we suggest to steer away from busy patterns, trendy logos or sayings.  This way the images will not look dated in the future.


What is a pre-session wardrobe consultation?  Well, it could look different each time, depending on what works for you.  Sometimes, it is just texting me photos of the clothes, Facetime video chat or even a personal visit, depending on what it needed.


Can I bring my prom dress?  Are you kidding me?  OF COURSE!!! PLEASE DO!!!!  Ok, hmmm...not sure if I came across excited enough or not.  Ha!


Where will I get dressed?  I heard seniors might have to change in the car.  Ha!  No, no, no.  Not with Terra Lynn Photography!  Well, you can if you like, but we have a changing tent we could setup for a bit of privacy, if you'd like.  The pop-up tent is 4'x4'x7' high with black out interior for the upmost privacy.  It is up to you.  If you do want to change in your car, it is suggested to bring a blanket to change underneath. :)

Does the session include hair and makeup or is this extra?  There is no extra charge for hair and makeup, as we include it with your session.  We have professional cosmetologists who will meet up with you an hour before your session.  This is optional, specially for guys ;), but highly recommended for girls to look their best, naturally.  Our artists only highlight your beauty in a subtle way to enhance your features to provide a glow to your skin.


Are we able to bring pets to the session?  Yes, within reason, of course!  Your lovely pet will only be a small part of your session, as we have a lot of ground to cover.  So, please be sure an additional helper will be able to come to bring your pet and then take them back home after their spotlight moment is completed ;)


Do I need to bring someone with me?  Who should that be?  May I bring more than one person?  Yes, it is required to bring a “helper” with you.  This is typically your Mom, Dad or special family member (over 21 years old) which loves to support all that you do.  They will be put to work, by helping with the perfect lighting and also ensuing those flyaway hairs are tamed.  Oh, do make sure they are ready for a quick snap with you at the end of the session. Note: only one person will be needed for support.  When there are additional people, it tends to cause a bit more confusion and results in reduced images taken.

Another side note, this is a special time for your adult who joins you.  Expect to see many emotions coming forward, as they realize you've grown up and are ready for your new future.


Can I bring a friend to take pictures with?  Your session will be only for you.  Although, if your best friend/s also books a session back to back with yours, we''ll of course accommodate for an extra half hour between sessions to capture the two or three of you together.


I don't really like photos taken of myself.  How will you help me look and feel better though the session?  That is our specialty!  Each senior I have photographed ends up a completely different and confident person on the other side of the session.  This happens because we really focus on having fun.  As I take photos, I will show you what is in the camera and how we can make little tweaks to make it better.  At the end of each of the tweaks, you'll absolutely LOVE your photo!  I am running at a 100% success rate, so I think you will be fine with me.

How long will the session last?  Destination Sarasota County is typically 2 hours, never less and usually more, depending on if we just need to get that last perfect image.  Destination Florida is up to five hours and Destination Anywhere is one to three days.


Is there a deposit?  The session cost is your sitting fee and is required in advance to secure your date on the calendar.  It covers the time, talents and travel for us as well as all of the items listed under 'Each session includes' on the Details page.  This is transferrable but non-refundable and does not include any product.


How do I pay?  We take cash, checks or credit cards.  We can send you an invoice to pay via a link, or coordinate to pick up cash or checks.


What happens if the weather is bad?  I'll be in communication via text, if the weather looks like it will be turning a bit sour.  This is usually if the chance of rain is 50% or higher.  Don't worry if it is overcast, as that will allow for beautiful natural lighting.  If we need to reschedule, there is nothing to worry about, as I'll open up days which are normally not available, to accommodate a new time for you.


What if I need to cancel? Things happen, and we understand.  Just let us know as soon as possible, ideally 24-48 hours before.  We will then coordinate another date, once things settle down for you.

What is included in the session cost?  See all of the items listed under 'Each session includes' on the Details page, as well as the time, talents and travel for us.  This is non-refundable and does not include any product.


Post Session F.A.Q.s


When may I expect to see a sneak peek of my session?  We get really excited about the images and post a sneak peek within 2-3 days of your session, so you may tag, share and link back to your images shared social media.  Please note, if you would not like to have your images placed online with a sneak pee, let us know and we will send them to you privately.

What is a private Gallery Premier?  This is the unveiling of your amazing photos at the comfort of your home or a cute cafe.  It is also when you'll narrow the images down to the number needed for your prints, fine wall art and heirloom albums...exciting times!

How long after the session will my Gallery Premier be scheduled?  This should be scheduled at the end of your session.  If it is not, and we forget, because of all of the excitement (it happens), I'll coordinate shortly thereafter.  This is usually within three weeks from your session date.


How many images will we be able to choose from?  The Destination Sarasota County averages about 30-40 images, Destination Florida is around 80-100 and Destination Anywhere is dependant on the total hours photographed.

Will I be able to get the digital images of my session?  We understand we live in a digital time and we want to make sure you are able to share your beautiful pictures online as much as possible with your friends and family.  So, yes!  We will provide you with web-ready digital copies of any print or product you purchase.  These images will be fully retouched to remove blemishes, touch up under the eyes and bring out the color.  We only release fully edited images, as this protects our brand so our clients know what quality images they will be receiving.

Is there a minimum order?  No, there is no minimum.  Packages start at 240.  The average client purchase is around 1500 – 3500.  The variance is dependant on the number of images and the levels of product quality.

How long will it take to receive our order?  Your product purchase must be paid in full before we submit your order to our print labs.  This will usually take 3-4 weeks for prints, 4-6 weeks for albums and 5-8 weeks for heirloom, hand crafted albums from New Zealand.