Our Senior Session is a type of boutique photography, tailored to personal interests and passions of your senior.  This luxury experience is usually a gift of acknowledgement for their achievements.

During the session, personality and natural beauty is brought forward, by showcasing their passions from fashion to sports.

It is quite amazing what a beautiful photograph does for your self-worth.  Working with Terra allows their confidence to blossom, slowly building and igniting into a new found self-assured young adult by the end of the session.




Your experience starts with a one hour, pre-session private wardrobe consultation with Terra, to help you coordinate your perfect clothing and accessories for the upcoming shoot. She will also use this time to discuss your questionnaire answers to help inspire the vision you would like to portray and locations.

Begin your exclusive senior portrait session with a pampered moment in the company of an experienced makeup artisan.  What better way to look amazing, than relaxing while getting your features highlighted in a subtle and natural way. (optional)

Then you are off to the location with unlimited amounts of your own clothing and accessories.  Do not forget the hats, scarves, jewelry and shoes.  These little additions dramatically increase the look and feel of the final beautifully styled image.

The magic begins with Terra, creating different styles from you, your accessories, lighting and natural backgrounds.

For sports:  Coordinating with coaches to access fields and courts is the first step.  Dramatic lighting along with your signature moves is second.  It takes time to get the right shot, so collaborating together is the last step and the key to our magazine quality success!

After the session, look forward to a private Gallery Premiere viewing of your images within three weeks.  Prepare to be amazed.  Think of how to display those beautiful images:  gift prints for family and friends, unique artisan wall prints and gorgeous heirloom albums which stand the test of time.

Book your session early. There are limited spots available each month due to Terra's specialized, dedicated time with her clients. Every client becomes family and we look forward to you joining ours, too. <3 

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We offer three different sessions, based on area, to make things simple. 

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Destination Anywhere:

Create your Senior Session around a family trip anywhere in the world! 

(one to three days)


Destination Florida:

How about the Florida Keys for a Cuban flare...or you name it!  Let's go!

(up to five hours)


Destination Sarasota County:

Sarasota County offers almost everything literally under the sun:  urban, country, parks, local shops, beaches and more!

(up to two hours, with possible bonus time to get that last shot :)




This experience and portfolio build makes a perfect graduation gift for your child or grandchild's unfolding future.

Capture your teen's personality and youth while commemorating their academic and/or sport accomplishments.



These images become an asset to include in any online or print portfolio.  Having professional images which state confidence is a must, to stand out from the crowd in the academic, sports or the corporate world.

With more and more companies performing an online search before setting an interview, this is a great advantage to be unique.




Terra is an accomplished American high school senior photographer, who's travelled the world, settled her family in New Zealand and has now journied back to the States.

With over 15 years experience, she specializes in transforming senior portraits into an experience as unique as the seniors, themselves.

She has become very passionate about teens.  In her own youth, she lacked personal confidence and security about life's direction, as we all experience.  She states, "In photography, at each session, I noticed teens nervously arriving and by the end of the session, they were completely a different person, standing tall, confident and self-assured."  This is when she knew she needed to specialize in senior photography.

Terra achieves these results by spending extensive time, before and during the session, understanding your senior's passions and talents, bringing forth their personality through the camera and onto print.  This is what sets her apart.

Terra comes with personal accolades from one of the highest professional print laboratories within the United States, where her senior images are displayed on their showcase products.  Many thousands of professional, world renowned and amateur photographers continue to view her work. 

In addition, her commercial photography has gone to print for major New Zealand magazines and has become a Top 100 Shoot and Share Finalist, in a global photography challenge with over 12,000 entrants within the single category.







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